Alumnus Spotlight

April 13, 2017

James Musetti was born and raised in an Italian family. His fondest memories were created during family gatherings around the dinner table. His grandfather, a chef, was an inspiration. Musetti worked in restaurants while in high school, including the award-winning Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant outside of Philadelphia. He fell in love with the fast and furious pace of the kitchen, the sounds of searing meat, the roar of the fryer, and the precise and calculated art created on the plate.

James attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, N.C., working at a fine dining steakhouse at night. He then transferred to Johnson & Wales University in Denver to earn a bachelor degree in culinary nutrition. It was during this time he found his passion working with the art of fermenting salami and making cheese. The passion was further cultivated by a summer spent studying abroad in Italy. After graduating, he opened up Lou's Food Bar as the chef de cuisine while continuing to make cheese and salami. Musetti then decided to pursue a masters degree in food science at CSU. Musetti was a graduate teaching assistant for the Hospitality Management Program, and worked closely with the Catering Techniques and Culinary Arts instructor, Chef Garret Overlee from the Aspen Grille.

Upon graduation, James accepted a position at DuPont as Application Technologist in Kansas City, Missouri. Recently DuPont Nutrition & Health announced an investment in its Kansas City laboratory serving the North American cheese industry. The facility is now equipped to test cultures in real world environments, as well as to manufacture and age cheese.

Contact:  Zara Hopkins

Telephone:  970-491-6061