Ph.D. Dissertations

Ph.D. Dissertations


Chlipalski, Micheline Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Development and Evaluation of an Online Training for Paraprofessional Nutrition Educators from the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Addressing Prenatal Nutrition


Amer, Fauzi Adviser: Stone/Vanamala Title: Effect of Farm to Fork Operations on Bioactive Compounds in White-Fleshed And Color-Fleshed Potatoes

Bauer, Laura Adviser: Bunning/Miller Title: Science of Food Fermentation: Development of a University Curriculum and Outreach Educational Materials


Burdell, Alexandra Adviser: Bellows/Johnson Title: Understanding the Home Food and Activity Environment of Low-Income, Rural Families with Young Children

Miller, Stacy Adviser: Harris Title: The Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid Intake during Pregnancy and Lactation on Infant Growth and Neurocognitive Development and the Associated Effects of Genetic Variants of the FADS1 FADS2 Gene Cluster

Mulligan, Christopher Adviser: Chicco Title: Evidence for the Role of Delta-6-Desaturase in the Development of Cardiometabolic Disease

Radhakrishnan, Sridhar Adviser: Vanamala Title: Potato and Grape Polyphenols, Respectively, Suppress High-Fat Diet-Elevated Oxidative Stress/Innate Inflammation Markers in Porcine Model and Induce Apoptosis in HCT-116 P53 +/+ and P53 -/- Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines in Vitro


Dadkhah, Maryam Adviser: Anderson/Hill Title: Development and Evaluation of the America on the Move Program for University Students


Lothrop, Robert Adviser: Stone Title: Physicochemical and Sensory Quality of Chiffon Cake Prepared With Rebaudioside-A and Erythritol as Replacement For Sucrose


Jortberg, Bonnie Adviser: Harris/Cunningham-Sabo Title: Medical Student Health Behaviors and the Influence on Patient Outcomes

Nivala, Angela Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: Novel Therapies for NAFLD


Diker, Ann Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo/Anderson Title: Dissemination and Implementation of the Cooking with Kids Tasting Curriculum


Pfaffenbach, Kyle Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: Effects of the Postprandial Environment On the Unfolded Protein Response

Schmidt, Stacy Adviser: Melby/Hickey Title: Cardiometabolic Plasticity And Skeletal Muscle Protein Expression in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Whites in Response to a Short-Term Diet and Exercise Intervention

Bukhari, Asma Adviser: Anderson Title: Effectiveness of a Web-Based Nutrition Education Program to Reduce Cardio-Vascular Disease Risk Among U.S. Army Personnel and Their Families (“Defend Your Heart” Study)

Cox-York, Kimberly Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effects of Moderate Exercise on Measures of Postprandial Lipemia


Troxell, Heather Adviser: Kendall Title: Post-Harvest Treatment Effects on Quality and Safety Characteristics of Melons and Tomatoes


Bellows, Laura Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Evaluation Of “Food Friends Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves™”, A Physical Activity Program to Prevent Obesity In Low-Income Preschoolers

Al-Subhi, Lyutha Adviser: Kendall Title: Diabetes Education in Oman: Needs Assessment and Development of an Intervention for Health Care Professionals

Bunning, Marisa Adviser: Kendall/Stushnoff Title: Evaluation of Antioxidant & Sensory Properties of Selected Cultivars of Colorado-grown Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)


Clifford, Dawn Adviser: Anderson Title: Good Grubbin’: The Development & Evaluation of a Nutrition-oriented Cooking Show on a College Campus

Clark, Alena Adviser: Anderson Title: Developing & Evaluating a Website on Infant Feeding, Specifically Breastfeeding, for Child Care Providers

Scanlin, Laurie Adviser: Stone Title: Production & Functionality Of Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa)Protein Concentrate


DiPersio, Patricia Adviser: Kendall/Sofos Title: Improving the Safety of Home-Dried Foods through Modification of Treatments & Educational Programs

Esparza Rivera,- Juan Adviser: Stone Title: Effects of Ascorbic Acid Applied by Two Hydrocooling Methods on Physical, Chemical & Sensory Attributes of Green Leaf Lettuce Stored at 5◦C.


Sigrist, Lori Adviser: Anderson Title: The Effectiveness of an Internet-Based Nutrition and Fitness Education Program For Senior Military Officers

Zoellner, Jamie Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Evaluation of a Bilingual Interactive Multimedia Computerized Food Recall

Stob, Nicole Adviser: Melby/Hickey Title: Post Exercise Protein Feeding Does Not Alter Molecular Markers Of Translation Initiation Or Measures of Skeletal Muscle Function


Hansen, Rodney Adviser: Harris/Allen Title: Short Term Effects of Dietary Fish Oil on Matrix Metalloproteinases in Dogs with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Disease


Giovanni, Maria Adviser: Maga/Stone Title: Sensory and Functional Properties of Monosodium Glutamate

Dias Paes, Maria Adviser: Stone Title: Importance of Zein Composition In Quality Protein Maize (QPM) to Microstructural and Chemical Modifications of Proteins During Extrusion and Their Impact on Texture of Corn-Based Extrudates

Oliveira, Maria Adviser: Anderson Title: Examining the Application of the Transtheoretical Model of Change for Fruit and Vegetable Consumption among College Students


Ho, Richard Adviser: Melby Title: Behavioral, Metabolic & Molecular Correlates of Insulin Sensitivity in Humans

Veverka, Donald Adviser: Anderson Title: Efficacy of the Transtheoretical Model in Improving Exercise & Dietary Habits in Enlisted Air Force Personnel

Davy, Brenda Adviser: Melby Title: The Effect of High-fiber Oat versus Wheat Cereal on Factors Associated with Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Byfield, Cynthia Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Evaluation of a Lifestyle Physical Activity Intervention for Obese Sedentary Women

Serrano, Elena Adviser: Anderson/Auld Title: Development and Evaluation of a Bilingual Nutrition Education Computer Program for Latino Children


Albright, Susan Adviser: Kendall/Sofos Title: Evaluation of Pocesses to Destroy Eschericia Coli 0157:H7 in Whole Muscle Home Dried Beef Jerky

Iwakiri, Yasuko Adviser: Allen Title: Macrophage Cyclooxygenase and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in Response to Copper Deficiency Mediated Oxidative Stress and Conjugated Linoleic Acid


Derrickson, Joda P. Adviser: Anderson Title: Independent validation of the Core food Security Module With Asians and Pacific Islanders 1998


Commerford, Susan Renee Adviser: Melby TTitle: he Role of Lipid Metabolism in the Development of Obesity

Park, Donkeun Adviser: Maga Title: Sensory and Popping Characteristics of Popcorn Hybrids

Sung, Wen-Chieh (William) Stone Title: Role of Starch in Starch Noodle and Pasta Development

Taitano, Rachael T. Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Evaluation of a Nutrition Curriculum to Prevent Obesity in Inner-City Teens

Wang,Ke-Wei Adviser: Maga Title: Isolation, Identification and Sensory Properties of Meaty Precursors in Beef

Wdowik, Melissa J. Adviser: Kendall/Harris Title: College Students With Diabetes: Predictors of Diabetes Management and Development of an Intervention


Taylor, Terry Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Impact of a Stage of Change Bilingual Nutrition Education Program For Hispanics

Kattel, Archana Adviser: Maga Title: Irradiation Effects on Model and Natural Food Systems

Muoria, John K. Adviser: Bechtel Title: The Suitability of Sorghum, Millet and Barley Varieties for Producing Brewers Malt

Ryan, Linda Adviser: Anderson/Bechtel Title: Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Grade-School Children

Gillette, Cynthia Adviser: Melby/Thompson Title: Energy Availability and Dormer Mammary Carcinogenesis Effects of Calorie Restriction and Exercise


Reece, Melanie S. Adviser: Harris/Allen Title: Essential Fatty Acid and Prostaglandin Status in Human Preterm and Full Term Gestation 1995


Kim, Sangbae Adviser: Clarke/Allen Title: Changes in Hepatic and Renal Gene Expression in Response to Dietary Copper Deficiency

Liu, Ming-bang Adviser: Bechtel/Maga/Sofos/Schmidt Title: Binding of Volatile Compounds in Hydrocolloid-Based Model Meat Systems


Dembicki, Diane F. Adviser: Anderson/Melby Title: Association of Pet Ownership With Eating, Exercise, Nutritional Status, and Heart Health of Seniors


Bullough, Richard C. Adviser: Melby Title: Effects of Exercise, Energy Intake, and Energy Flux on Resting Energy Metabolism and Thermogenic Hormones

Cline, Alana D. Adviser: Jansen Title: Stress Fractures in Female Army Recruits: Implications of Exercise, Calcium Intake and Bone Density

Harmayani, Eni Adviser: Sofos Title: Reduction of Cholesterol Levels in Fat With Biological Systems


Erskine, Jamie Adviser: Eckel/Allen Title: Lipoprotein Lipase Regulation: Tissue-Specific Response to Diet and Meal Composition

Chipman, Helen Adviser: Kendall/Jansen Title: Concern as an Indicator of Response to Risk/Benefit Messages on Agricultural Chemicals and Food

Hammarlund, Virginia Adviser: Stone Title: Development and Evaluation of a Weight Control Program for Obese Preadolescent Children

Morin, Catherine Adviser: Allen Title: Effects of Copper and Vitamin E on Hydroperoxides and Thromboxane Synthesis

Nelson, Sally K. Adviser: Allen Title: Aortic Prostacyclin, Super-oxide Dismutase and Lipid Peroxides in Response to Copper and Vitamin E

Raharjo, Sri Adviser: Sofos Title: A Modified Thiobarbituric Acid-C18 (TBA-C18) Method For Measuring Lipid Peroxidation in Meat


Nyanzi, Frederick A. Adviser: Maga Title: Noncovalent Interactions in Thermally-Processed Corn-starch/Soy Protein Model Food Systems

Shand, Phyllis Jo-Anne Adviser: Schmidt/Sofos Title: Functional and Thermal Properties of Polysaccharide Gums in Structured Beef

Ernst-Boyle, Adviser: Schmidt/Sofos Title: Intermediate Moisture Beef Elizabeth A. Heart Pet Food Products Structured Using Alginate or Extrusion Processing

Chao, Pi Yu Joyce Adviser: Allen Title: Glutathione and Cholesterol Synthesis in Isolated Hepatocytes of Copper-Deficient Rats


Ba-Jaber, Adnan S. Adviser: Sofos Title: Restructuring Poultry Meat with Nonmeat Ingredients by Extrusion Cooking

Kim, Chin-Hong Adviser: Maga Title: Flavor Retention During Extrusion Cooking

You, Cha-Sook Adviser: Grundleger Title: The Effect of Dietary Fiber Supplementation on Hepatocyte SCFA and Glucose Metabolism


Hengtrakul, Percha Adviser: Lorenz/Mathias Title: Alkylresorcinols in Cereal Grains and Flours and Their Effects on Platelet Thromboxane Production

Johnston, Jeffrey M. Adviser: Jansen Title: Cholesterol Reduction in an "At-Risk" Population

Senne, Beth Carla Adviser: Mathias Title: Lung Eicosanoid Release and Fatty Acid Composition in Rats and Guinea Pigs Fed Varying Linoleate


Daly, Norma Adviser: Allen Title: Magnesium Supplementation and Blood Pressure in Borderline Hypertensive Subjects

Likimani, Talash Anne Adviser: Sofos/Maga Title: a-Amylase Activity and Destruction of Bacillus globigii During Extrusion Cooking of Corn/Soy Blends

Rengers, Bruce David Adviser: Allen Title: Evaluation of a Model for Determining Copper Bioavailability

Sowada, Barbara J. Adviser: Jansen Title: Differences Among Behavioral Styles as Related to the Use of the CSU Diet Guide for Planning Prudent Diets

Wolff, Cindy Brattan Adviser: Lopez/Jansen Title: Diet and Pregnancy Outcome in Mexican-American Women


Bottom, Julia S. Adviser: Jansen Title: Development and Evaluation of a School Curriculum on Nutrition and Heart Disease for Young Adoles¬cents

Masor, Marc L. Adviser: Jansen/Grundleger Title: Protein Quality and Quantity and Insulin Control of Mammary Gland Glucose Utilization During Lactation


Heller, Karen E. Adviser: Jansen Title: Predicting Use of the CSU Diet Guide through Stated Intentions


Gilbert, Helen K. Adviser: Allen Title: Bioavailability of a Potato Chromium Complex to the Laboratory Rat

Young, Linda Adviser: Jansen/Harper Title: Prediction of Available Iron Retention in Extruded Foods


Hunt, Alice Elaine Adviser: Smith Title: Effect of Chromium Supplementation on Hair Chromium Concentration and Diabetic Status

Kendall, Patricia A. Adviser: Jansen Title: Development and Evaluation of a Nutrient Based Diet-Management Program for Persons with Diabetes


Edwards, Marilyn S. Adviser: Smith Title: Adipose Tissue Cellularity in Lean and Obese Mice: Effect of Diet Composition, Energy Restriction, Age

Harvey, Phillip William Adviser: Allen Title: Cholesterol Metabolism in Copper Deficient Rats

Sampson, David A. Adviser: Jansen Title: Protein Synthesis in Rat Lac¬tating Mammary Glands: Effects of Dietary Protein Quality and Energy


Monte, Woodrow C. Adviser:Maga Title: Binding of Bile Acids by Complex Carbohyrdate Fractions of the Pinto Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

Stiedemann, Mary Katherine Adviser: Harrill Title: Relation of Immune Status to Selected Nutrients in Elderly Women


Fine, Karen Morris Adviser: Dupont Title: Platelet Function - Effects of Dietary Fat

Sizer, Charles E. Adviser: Maga Title: Changes Occurring During the Extrusion of Potato Flakes


Wyse, Bonita W. Adviser: Jansen/Hansen Title: Development of Radioimmuoassay for Panto¬thenic Acid in Biological Tissues


McCosh, Elizabeth J. Adviser: Dupont Title: Energy Metabolism in Dogs with Renal Insufficiency


Oh, Suk Yon Adviser: Dupont Title: Kinetics of Cholesterol Turnover in Rat Structure

Spindler, Audrey A. Adviser: Dupont Title: Age, Sex and Diet Effects on Rat Heart Structure


Hwang, Dong Ho Adviser: Mathias/Dupont Title: Influence of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on the Level of Serum Pros¬taglandins

Smith, (Johnson) Adviser: Jansen Title: Effects of Early Undernutrition in the Kitten: Behavior, Electro-encephalography and Brain Composi¬tion


Day, Mary-Lou Adviser: Blaker Title: Management Attitudes of Dietitians