M.S. Plan A Theses

M.S. Plan A Theses


Pendleton, Wesley Adviser: Harris Title: Relationships Among Postpartum Maternal Body Composition, Breastfeeding, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Status and Physical Activity


Musetti, James Adviser: Stone/Bunning Title: Species Specific Detection of Adulteration of Water Buffalo Milk with Cow Milk Using High Resolution Melting Analysis


Chase, Caraline Adviser: Stone Title: Comparison and Acceptability of Gluten-Free Yeast Breads Made with Quinoa Flour.

Conner, Matthew Adviser: Melby Title: Evaluatoin of a School-Based Diabetes Education Intervention, an Extension of Program Energy

Foright, Rebecca Adviser: Melby Title: A High Energy Flux State Attenuates the Weight Loss-Induced Energy Gap by Acutely Decreasing Hunger and Increasing Satiety and Resting Metabolic Rate

Massey, Aaron Adviser: Redivari/Vanamala Title: Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor) Biomass, Generated from Biofuel Production, as a Reservoir of Bioactive Compounds for Human Health

St. Onge, Matthew Adviser: Bunning/Stone Title:Effects of Cooking Methods on Antioxidant Properties, Quality Attributes, and Sensory Characteristics of Selected Leafy Greens

Winer, Marcia Adviser: Auld/Wdowik Title: Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Eating Disorders of Undergraduate Nutrition Majors at Three Colorado Universities


Booth, Andrea Adviser: Melby/Nelson Title: Multilocus Genetic Associations with Obesity Outcomes in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Whites Using a Principal Components Regression Approach: The San Luis Valley Diabetes

Davis, Dave Adviser: Stone Title: Influence of Roasted Barley on Quality of Beer

D’Hooge, Anna Adviser: Bellows Title: Super Tasters and Mighty Movers: Extending The Food Friends® Messages Into Early Elementary School

Roark, Constance Adviser: Anderson Title: Assessing the Effective-ness of the America on the Move Family Program in a Real-Life Setting through Colorado Extension


Borjas Orellana, Eva Adviser: Bunning/Nightingale Title: Longitudinal Study of Salmonella Enterica, Escherichia Coli 0157:H7, And Listeria Monocytogenes In a Small and Very Small Fresh Meat Processing Plant Environment

Madiwale, Gaurav Adviser: Vanamala/Stone Title: Effect of Genotype, Storage and Processing on The Polyphenolic Content, Composition, In Vitro Anti-Cancer Activity andm Sensory Attributes of Colored-Flesh Potatoes


Miller, Amanda Adviser: Bunning Title: Assessment of Airborne Microorganisms in a Craft Brewery

Wall, Gretchen Adviser: Bunning Title: Farm-To-Table Food Safety for Colorado Produce Crops: A Web-Based Approach for Promoting Good Agricultural and Handling Practices

Smith, Whitney Adviser: Melby Title: The Effects of a Single Bout of Exercise on Plasma Triglycerides, Glucose, And Insulin Following Consumption of a High-Fat Mixed Macronutrient Meal

Henley, Twila Adviser: Stone/Vanamala Title: Effects of Dark Malts, Dry Hopping, and Filtration on Xanthohumol Content and Bioactivity of American India Pale Ales

Kissane, Katharine Adviser: Anderson Title: Assessing the Outcomes and Acceptability of Healthy Lifestyles for Youth Corps Members: Phase 2 of a Multi-Phase Project

Parikh, Sachi Adviser: Kendall Title: Survival and Inactivation Of Listeria Monocytogenes Biofilms on Food Contact Surfaces using Commercially Available Sanitizers and Household Compounds


Botero, Maria Adviser: Melby Title: A One-Week Controlled Diet and Exercise Intervention Significantly Improves Insulin Sensitivity Without Changes in Plasma Adiponectin Concentrations in Young Non-Hispanic White and Mexican American Adults

Krause, Molly Adviser: Melby Title: A Single Session of Moderate Exercise, Without Energy Deficit, May Reduce ѕVCAM-1 Concentrations in Young, Sedentary Females

Culbertson, Diana Adviser: Campfield Title: Mini-Program Energy Cortez: Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Through Science Enrichment For Elementary School Children in Rural South-Western Colorado

León, Juan Adviser: Goodridge/Bunning Title: Rapid Detection of Viable Escherichia coli O157:H7 By Antimicrobial Incorporated Multi-angle Light Scattering Spectroscopy

Woo, Daniel Adviser: Bunning Title: Microbial Quality of Mixed Salad Greens and Selected Fresh and Dried Herbs


White, Molly Adviser: Anderson Title: Assessing the Feasibility And Acceptability of Healthy Lifestyles for Youth Corps Members: A One-Year Pilot Program

Chan-Beckley, Sheila Adviser: Stone Title: Influence of Heating Methods on Selected Chemical and Quality Attributes of Bittermelon (Momordica charantia Descourt)

Fouladkhah, Aliyar Adviser: Bunning Title:Specialty Leafy Greens: Sensory Evaluation and Effects of Seasonal Variation and Agricultural Practices on Antioxidant Properties, Quality Attributes, and Indicators of Secondary Metabolites

Bauer, Laura Adviser: Auld/Baker Title: Assessment of the Quality Of Life (QOL) Profile as An EFNEP Evaluation Tool

Manson, Michelle Adviser: Anderson Title: Interest and Input into The Development of a Health Promotion Program for Early Childhood Educators

Frey, Kristen Adviser: Kendall Title: Development and Validation of an Instrument to Assess Food Safety Knowledge and Behavior Among Low Income Pregnant Women

Hoffman, Stephanie Adviser: Stone/Bunning Title: Antioxidant Properties of Yacon (Smallanthus Sonchifolius), Basil (Ocimum Sanctum) and Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum Graecum)

Markuson, Joy Adviser: Anderson Title: Exploration of Staff Perceptions of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Environment in Early Childhood Programs

Stover, Jessica Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effects of Silymarin On Chemically-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Liver Cells

Murt, Lonnie Adviser: Campfield Title: Just Right at Home: An Integrated obesity Prevention Program Focused on Family Wellness

Zabriskie, Jessica Adviser: Cunningham-SaboTitle: Nutrition Education Programs and the Family Environment


Thompson, Bree Adviser: Auld Title: Process Evaluation of the Integrated Nutrition Education Program

Schiller, Kristin Adviser: Campfield Title: Science Enrichment Classes To Increase Health Awareness in Children

Bryant, Angela Adviser: Anderson Title: Evaluation of a Parent Component for Food Friends Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves™

Daniell, Erica Adviser: Thompson Title: Targeted Analysis of Stress and Toxicity Related Expression Patterns from Rat Liver in Response to Increasing Dose of Red Bean in the Diet

Platt, Michael Adviser: Stone Title: Baking Quality of Quinoa Flour in Cookies

Wallen, Victoria Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Validation of the Day in the Life Questionnaire (DILQ) as a Dietary Assessment Tool for Use With 9-11 Year Old Children


Armfield, Ashlee Adviser: Stone Title: Development and Accept-ability of Quinoa Milk

Griffin, Dina Adviser: Anderson Title: Effectiveness of Self-care for a Healthy Heart by Print & Website Delivery Methods

Tompkins, Nick Adviser: Avens Title: Boiling Water Carcass Immersion in Poultry Primary Processing: The Effect of Bacteria Contamination of Ground Meat

Bukhari, Asma Adviser: Anderson Title: Assessment of Nutrition Education Strategies to reduce Cardiac Vascular Disease Risks in U.S. Army Hospitals

Caldwell, Lisa Adviser: AndersonTitle: Pre-Testing and Development of a Parent Component for Food Friends Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves

Prior, Shelley Adviser: Anderson Title: Implementation of DASH Diet Recommendations in An Assisted Living Facility

Camus, Heidi Adviser: Melby Title: Resistance Exercise With Or Without Supplemental Carbohydrate Lowers Plasma Ghrelin but Does Not Reduce Post-Exercise Hunger


Hamman, Erin Adviser: Anderson Title: The Impact of Seasonal Patterns of Food Insecurity on the Diet & Growth Status of Children in Alamosa County Colorado

Bishop, Franziska Adviser: Harris/Melby Title: The Benefits of Whey Protein in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure on Hemodialysis

Holliday, April Adviser: Campfield Title: Overweight & Diabetes Intervention in a Rural, Low-income, Appalachian Elementary School: Program Energy West Virginia

Beaugh, Bicki Adviser: Campfield Title: Science Enrichment Classes to Increase Health Awareness in Children

Martino, Donna Adviser: Campfield Title: Project Healthy Home: An Intervention to Prevent Obesity & Promote Family Meals & Family Connectedness through Child-parent Nutrition & Cooking Classes

Schmidt, Stacy Adviser: Melby Title: Measures of Insulin Sensitivity following A One-week Diet & Exercise Intervention

Zehren, Kristine Adviser: Stone Title: Physical & Chemical Properties of Quinoa Oil


Long, Elizabeth Adviser: Campfield Title: Project Healthy Home: An Intervention to Prevent Obesity & Promote Family Connectedness through Child-Parent Cooking Activities & Family Meals

Long, Wiley Adviser: Melby Title: Do Exercise-induced Elevations of Plasma Non-Esterified Fatty Acids Attenuate the Decrease in Fat Oxidation that Normally Occurs Following Carbohydrate Ingestion?

Macfarlane, Katie Adviser: Harris Title: The Effects of Prenatal Docosahexaenoic Acid Supplementation during the Third Trimester on Infant Growth at Four to Six Months of Age

Perez, Mark Adviser: Allen/Harris Title: Dietary Docosahexaenoic Acid Alters Pregnant Rat Reproductive Tissue Prostaglandin & Matrix Metalloproteinase Production

Swindle, Sara Adviser: Auld Title: A Nutrition Education Program Evaluation & Participant Follow-up:Operation Frontline

Van Ness, Hilary Adviser: Anderson Title: Adopting a Washington State Social Marketing Campaign for Colorado Food Stamp Recipients

Wallner, Stephanie Adviser: Kendall Title: Evaluation of an Online Continuing Education Course on Food Safety Issues for High Risk Populations

Hernandez-Sanchez, Marcel Adviser: Anderson Title: Analysis of Constructs of An Interactive Multimedia Breakfast Module Based on Stages of Change Theory

Babb, Shannon Adviser: Campfield Title: Relationships between Concentrations of Cortisol & Cytokines in Serum, Concentrations of Cortisol In Adipose Tissues, & Waist Circumference in Male Baboons

Benz, Cristen Adviser: Anderson Title: Development of a Teacher Training Component for the Food Friends Program

Bienfang, Jean Adviser: Anderson Title: Promoting Health in Older Adults: A Tailored Newsletter Approach

Crandell, Michelle Adviser: Stone Title: Oxidation Reduction & Shelf Stability of Crisp Rice Cereal Bars Containing Docosahexaenoic Acid (22:6N-3) & Antioxidants

Dominguez, Morgan Adviser: Harris Title: The Effects of Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic Acid Enriched Functional Foods During Gestation on Infant Growth & Development at Four to Six Months of Age

Inglis-Widrick, Ruth Adviser: Auld Title: Dietary Increase in Fruits & Vegetables: Effects on a Marker of Oxidative Damage, 8-EPI-Prostaglandin F2a, an Plasma Carotenoids in Young Women

Jennings, Allison Adviser: Campfield Title: Improving Health Related Attitudes & Diabetes Knowledge through Child to Parent Communication

Warren, Katie Adviser: Harris Title: DHA Supplementaion & Its Effects on Gestation

Wells, Katherine Adviser: Melby Title: Effect of Acute Exercise On Post-exercise Insulin Response to Consumption of an Energy Bar


Dolata, Malgorzata Adviser: Adams Title: Assessment of Dietary Intake in Preschool-age Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Low-income Children using 24-Hour Recall & Food Frequency Questionnaire

Leonard, Kelly Adviser: Anderson Title: Evaluation of Players’ Reactions to Label Able: A Computer Game that Teaches Adolescents about Food Labels

Liu, Xiangfei Adviser: Kendall Title: Total Phenolic Content & DPPH Racial Scavenging Ability of Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L.) Grown in Colorado State University

Englert, Virginia Adviser: Melby Title: Effect of Acute Exercise On Post-exercise Glycemic Index

Sadeh, Ahuva Adviser: Stone Title: Development & Evaluation Of Granola Bars Containing DHA or Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Rose, Jannelle Adviser: Allen Title: Dietary Stearidonic acid & pregnant rat uterine & fetal membrane biomarkers of premature delivery

Schinkel, Elizabeth Adviser: Adams Title: A retrospective evaluation Of protein status indicators in morbidly obese, post roux-en-y gastric bypass (RYGB) patients requiring nutrition support

Posada-Johnson, Gladys Adviser: Campfield Title: Acculturation and patterns Of food consumption in a Culturally-diverse school population

Dean, Jennifer Adviser: Kendall Title: Development & evaluation of food safety educational materials for pregnant women

Hunt, Janelle Adviser: Anderson Title: Evaluating Self-Care for a Healthy Heart in a Community wellness class

Smith, Emily Adviser: Anderson Title: The effects of family-Style versus preplated meal service on food intake & plate waste of preschool children attending low-income child-care homes

Wheeler, Amy Adviser: Adams Title: Barriers & facilitators to Fruit & vegetable consumption in preschool aged children

Clifford, Dawn Adviser: Anderson Title: The use of mass media Channels on a college campus to disseminate nutrition information

Friou, Sondra Adviser: Anderson Title: A tool for decision makers: cost-benefit analysis of the food stamp nutrition education program in Colorado

Maccarrone, Michelle Adviser: Adams Title: Pilot Study: The effect of DHA supplementation during pregnancy on infant growth & development at four & six months of age


Barker, Dana Adviser: Kendall Title: Validation & pilot test of An evaluation instrument for dining with diabetes in Colorado

Kiernan, Kelley Adviser: Campfield Title: Physical Activity Intervention in Elementary School Students: Program ENERGY

Lazarowitz, Karen Adviser: Kendall Title: Use of the health belief Model to explain pregnant & non-pregnant women’s attitudes & behaviors regarding pesticide residues

Marx, Nadia Adviser: Anderson Title: Premature Birth & DHA: The Motivations & Barriers To Increasing Maternal Intake

Menkhaus, Kathleen Adviser: Anderson Title: Formative Research & Development of a Parent Component to the Food Friends—Making New Foods Fun for Kids Social Marketing Campaign

Minor, Emily Adviser: Campfield Title: Program ENERGY: Diabetes knowledge & physical activity increase through child-to-parent communication

Parker, Tina Adviser: Yu Title: Fatty Acid Composition & Oxidative Stability of Cold-pressed Edible Seed Oils

Stevens, James Adviser: Hickey Title: a-Linolenic Acid Improves Insulin Sensitivity & Glycemia Following Weight Loss

Adams, Dwayne Adviser: Yu Title: Fatty Acid Cmposition of Commerical Raw Fish Products

Athearn, Prudence Adviser: Kendall Title: Risk Awareness: Pregnant Women Discuss Perceptions of Food Safety Recommendations

Levy, Joshua Adiser: Auld Title: Cooking Skills Intervention for College Sophomores

Morales, Shelly Adviser: Kendall Title: Health Care Providers Attitudes Toward Current Food Safety Recommendations for Pregnant Women

Seal, Shannon Adviser: Allen Title: Circulating PGE2 and PGF2a Metabolite and Long Chain Fatty Acid Levels in Full Term Pregnancy with DHA Supplementation

Troxell, Heather Adviser: Anderson Title: Omega 3 for Baby and Me: Material Development for a WIC Intervention


Foster, Robyn Adviser: Allen Title: The Association between Maternal Long-chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Status & Pregnancy Outcome in Full-term Delivery

Heinisch, Holly Adviser: Melby Title: Skeletal Muscle Abundance Of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β in Mexican Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites

Lakkakula, Suman Adviser: Sofos/Kendall Title: Inactivation of Escherichia Coli 0157:h7 During Drying of Apple Slices Previously Treated With Citric Acid

Benepe, Carolyn Adviser: Auld Title: Cultivating Local Foodlinks between Buyers & Growers: Barriers & Motivators in Three Colorado Regions

Bubert, Ashley Adviser: Melby Title: Circulating Plasma Leptin Concentration Does Not Differ between Non-Hispanic Whites & Mexican Americans Despite Ethnic Differences in Insulin Sensitivity

Elsbernd, Anne Adviser: Kendall Title: Validation of a Self-report Food Safety Behavior Questionnaire & Exploration of Behavioral Intent at Post Education

Lowe, Melanie Adviser: Anderson Title: Development & Evaluation of an Interactive Multimedia Tool to Assess Food Intake

Sinclair, Kelly Adviser: Kendall Title: Validation of a Self-report Food Safety Behavior Questionnaire at Pre and Post Education

Werth, Melissa Adviser: Anderson Title: Qualitative Evaluation of Hispanic & Non-Hispanic Females’ Attitudes & Beliefs about Cancer Prevention & Nutrition Education

Atkinson, Emmy Adviser: Anderson Title: Qualitative Evaluation of An Interactive Multimedia Nutrition Education Program

Cunnick, Rachael Adviser: Melby Title: Effect of Alpha-Linolenic Acid on Resting Energy Expenditure & Nutrition Oxidatiion following Weight Loss in Obese Humans

DiPersio, Patricia Adviser: Kendall Title: Inactivation of salmonella & Listeria monocytogenes During drying & storage of apple & peach slices treated with acidic or sodium metabisulfite solutions

Flass, Thomas Adviser: Allen Title: Brain Effects of Dietary N-3 Polunsaturated Fatty Acids in First Generation Rats


Hoff, Nancy Adviser: Harris Title: Parkinson’s Disease Identification of Nutrition Risk Factors in an Acute Care Setting

Jewell, Karla Adviser: Anderson Title: Process & summative Evaluation of a 12-week social marketing campaign targeting young children and their willingness to try new foods

Marckx, Kevin Adviser: Stone Title: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Thermally-processed Onions

Mokay, Kelly Adviser: B. Smith Title: Efficacy of Fish Oil Supplementation in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Derrickson, Elizabeth Adviser: Kendall Title: Evaluation of Common Acidulants For Enhancement of Destruction of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 during Drying of Gala Apple Slices & Whole Muscle Beef Jerky

Abu Shelaibi, Aisha Adviser: Kendall Title: Survival & Growth of L. Monocytegenes & Samonelle In Infant Cereal Hyahated With Water/Milk or Apple Juice

Anderson, Susan Adviser: Harris Title: Pediatric Nutrition Assessment Training for a Transdiciplinary Early Intervention Team

Cawthorn, Kelly Adviser: Auld Title: Factors Affectin Calcium Intake of Female Adolescents

Curry, Paula Adviser: Melby Title: Dietary Influences on the Expression of Skeletal Muscle Uncoupling Protein-3 in Obese Males

McGowan, Alyson Adviser: Anderson Title: Evaluation of Assessment Tools & Efficacy of Nutrition Education via Interactive Multimedia

Seebohar, Robert Adviser: Harris Title: Effects of short-term manipulation of dietary fat on plasma leptin and insulin in obese males

Jones, Lucretia Adviser: Kendall Title: Motivators and Barriers to Safe Food Handling Practices Among Food Service Managers and Employees in Restaurants

Resch, Alyssa Adviser: Melby Title: Influence of Carbohydrate Ingestion During Exercise On Substrate Oxidation and Post-exercise Energy Intake

Wickland, Stacey Adviser: Stone Title: Evaluation of Volatile Compounds in Hazelnut Meal and its Functional and Sensory Properties in Nutritional Bars


Coleman, Tecla Adviser: Stone Title: Attitudes and Beliefs of African-American Females Toward Traditional and Ethnic Foods

Terrio, Kate Adviser: Auld Title: Osteoporosis Knowledge, Calcium Intake, and Weight-bearing Physical Activity in Three Age Groups of Women

Sipe, Lorinda Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Evaluation of AMake a Plan,@ an Interactive Multimedia Computer Program Focusing on Budgeting and Shopping Skills for Low-income Individuals

Macdonald, Tiare Adviser: Anderson Title: Knowledge and Behavioral Change in Nutritional Workshop Participants versus Individual Counseling Participants

Scoville, David Adviser: Stone Title: Development and Evaluation of Hazelnut Scones

Wenzel, Lana Adviser: Stone Title: Shelf Stable Bagels for Space Applications

Zuckweiler, Laura Adviser: Anderson Title: Development of a Curriculum and Baseline Evaluation for a 12-week Social Marketing Campaign Targeting Young Children and their Willingness to Try New Foods

Early, Megan Adviser: Anderson Title: The Development and Evaluation of the Interactive Multimedia Module AMake It Fun@

Wang, Li-Ping Adviser: Sampson Title: Pyridoxine Depletion Depresses B6 Vitamers and Aspartate Aminotransferase Activity but not Growth in 3T3-L1 Cells

Segomelo, Keolebogile Adviser: Sofos Title: Changes in Population of Bacteria Inoculated on Fresh Pork and Subjected to Limited Temperature Abuse

Keller, Anne Adviser: Harris Title: The Effect of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and N-6:N-3 Fatty Acid Ratio on Cyclooxygenase-1 and Cyclooxygenase-2 RNA Synthesis in Pregnant Rats

Jantz, Cammy Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Multimedia Breakfast Nutrition Education Module

Burnham, Jennifer Adviser: Kendall Title: Survival of Eschichio coli 0157:H7 during Home-type drying of Apple Slices

Gordon, Angelia Adviser: Kendall Title: A Qualitative Investigation of Factors Affecting Safe Food Handling Practices among Restaurant Personnel

Koslo, Jennifer Adviser: Harris Title: The Effect of Dietary Docosahexanoic Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Prostaglandin Synthesis and Matrix Metalloproteinases in Pregnant Rats

Westcott, Jamie Adviser: Harris Title: The Growth of Breastfed Infants from Birth through Three Years of Life

Watne, Laura Adviser: Auld Title: The Development of a Nutrition Questionnaire to Assess Nutrition Issues among Collegiate Female Athletes

For Plan A - Theses before 2000, a PDF document is available upon request