M.S. Plan B Theses

M.S. Plan B Theses


Addington, Renae Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Development and Administration of a Survey to Measure Elementary School Teachers’ Nutrition Beliefs and Practices in The School Environment

Chandler, Shelby Adviser: Wdowik Title: Development of a 6-Week Pilot Weight Loss Program For Overweight and Obese Individuals

Gardner, Julie Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Fuel for Fun Spring Family Night Event, Emphasizing Increased Family Attendance and Parent Engagement

He, Xiaotong Adviser: Bunning Title: Cantaloupe Melon Production, Nutrition, Outbreaks, and Washing Technologies: A Comprehensive Review

Niebaum, Kelly Adviser: Bellows Title: Improving Science Communication Using Best Practices in Health Literacy and Infographic Design

Pickle, Matthew Adviser: Auld Title: Roles and Responsibilities Of Dietitians who work With Division I College Athletes

Raum, Lisa Adviser: Harris Title: What is the Relationship Between Exposure to Pesticides and Parkinson’s Disease (PD)?

Shepherd, Sarah Adviser: Bellows Title: Development of Health Materials on Social Support for Health Educators and Consumers

Sidgwick, Kate Adviser: Harris Title: Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid Intake During Pregnancy on Birth Outcomes: A Randomized Controlled Trial Examining the Impact of DHA Supplementation During Pregnancy

Smolaga, Paula Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Blog Tailored to Parents of Children Participating in The Fuel for Fun Program

Wilburn, Jessie Adviser: Melby Title: Acute Resistance Exercise Attenuates Postprandial Lipemia Induced by a High-Fructose, High-Fat Meal


Hudson, Max Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effect of Age on the Liver Microsomal Proteome In Male C57BL/6 Mice+

Tave, Jennifer Adviser: Melby Title: The Gut Microbiota and its Effects on Body Weight Regulation, a Review for Dietitians

Riggs, Jessica Adviser: Harris Title: What is the Relationship Between Exercise and Subsequent Energy Intake For Weight Loss?

Schneider, Daniel Adviser: Sampson Title: Vitamin D May Protect Against HIV Transmission In Heterosexual Partners

Miller, Tirrel Adviser: Weir Title: Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Intestinal Microbiota

Thornton, Rebecca Adviser: Sampson Title: Remediation of Vitamin A Deficiency in Ethiopia Using Cyanobacteria as a Bio-Fertilizer or Dunaliella Salina as a Food Supplement

Pflugradt, Sarah Adviser: Harris Title: What is the Evidence to Suggest a Difference in Antioxidant Content, in Terms of Vitamin C, Between Vegetable Crops (Discussed in Current Literature) Grown Conventionally or Organically

Bobalik, Amy Adviser: Harris Title: Effectiveness of Approaches and Methods Integrated in Corporate Wellness Programs

Dunn, Kelsie Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Validating Portion Size Assessment Methods in Elementary Schools With Self-Service Salad Bars

Hillman, Adam Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Action Packs

Moore, Reanna Adviser: Bellows Title: Development and Assessment of a Search Engine Optimization Protocol for Extension Personnel and Nutrition Educators

Nelson, Kathryn M. Adviser: Bellows Title: Development of Web-based Nutrition Education Materials for Pregnant Women

Schreck(McKenna), Katie Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Fuel for Fun Cooking With Kids Plus Parents And Play: Assessing The School Environment

Stocker, Shanna Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Addressing the Barriers And Motivators for Enhanced Parent Participation in the Family Component of Fuel for Fun

Washa, Rebecca Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Demystifying Cooking: Breaking the Barriers For Parents of School-Aged Children and Implications for Use In a School-based Nutrition Intervention

Worthen, Jenna M. Adviser: Bellows Title: Generating Rural Options For Weight Healthy Kids And Communities: Fleming, Colorado


Conlon, Tara Adviser: Bellows Title: Protocol Development and Pilot Test of a School Based Tasting Booth

Estrada, Andrea Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effects of Fatty Acids on Protein Synthesis in H4IIE Cells

Friedman, Ryan Adviser: Bunning Title: Recommended Best Practices for Precooling, Storage, And Transport of Fresh Produce for Colorado Farmers

Gass, Eliza Adviser: Bellows Title: Toolkit on Physical Activity for Health and Nutrition Educators

Geselbracht, Rosalie Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Developing a Nutrition Education Resource Repository for the Colorado Department of Education’s Office of School Nutrition: A Multi-Step Process

Harner, Erin Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Fuel for Fun: Family Component and Family Night Events

Hibbs-Shipp, Sarah Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Evaluating the Content and Formatting Preferences of Snap-Eligible Individuals For the Development of a Nutrition-Based Newsletter

Kenyon, Mandy Adviser: Harris Title: Effect of Short-Chain and Long-Chain Omega 3 Fatty Acids on Airway Inflammation and Asthma

Markham, Laura Adviser: Auld Title: A Qualitative Assessment of the Attitudes and Beliefs of Raw Milk Consumers in Northern Colorado

MacKinnon, Chloe Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Identification of Best Practices in Nutrition Education for Low-Income Adult Audiences

Moran, Gretchen Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: Effects of Palmitate on Mitofusin2 in H4IIE Cells

Padowski, Amy Adviser: Bellows Title: Garden-Based Nutrition Interventions: A Review of “Best” Practices for Preschoolers

Reese, Lauren Adviser: Pagliassotti/Gentile Title: Nitrite Supplementation and Endothelial Dysfunction

Scanlan, Rachel Adviser: Bunning Title: Consumer Cantaloupe Handling Practices

Seedig, Nicole Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Developing a Nutrition Education Resource Frame-work for the ColoradoState University Department of Education’s Office of School Nutrition: A Multi-Step Process


Freed, Cassi Adviser: Melby Title: Effect of a Novel Portion-Control Approach to Weight Loss on Energy Intake, Dietary Composition and Energy Density

Hunley, Jennifer Adviser: Baker/Clark Title: Omega Smart Baby Breast-feeding Literature and Preliminary Results

Kell, Brenna Adviser: Bunning Title: Assessment of Gluten-Free Baking Practices at High Altitudes

McGuin, Mara Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Developing a Nutrition Education Resource Repository for the Colorado Department of Education’s Office of School Nutrition: A Multi-Step Process

Dobbs, Dena Adviser: Wdowik Title: Development of a Toolkit On Functional Foods for Nutrition Educators

Kim, Susan Adviser: Harris Title: The Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Inflammation and Malnutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease in The Feline Model

Nichols, Kristen Adviser: Auld/Bellows Title: Physical Activity in Young Children

Stoeklen, Heather Adviser: Auld/Cunningham-Sabo Title: Curriculum Integration of Program Energy Lessons in Second Grade Tavelli Elementary School Classrooms

Kasdagly, Maria Adviser: Vanamala Title: Role of Colonic SCs in Carcinogenesis: Influence Of Obesity/Western Diet Protective Effects of Plant Bioactive Compounds

Williams, Jamie Adviser: Harris Title: Dietary Docosahexaenoic Acid Intake of Breast-feeding Mothers at Two and Four Months

Palmer, Kristin Adviser: Harris Title: Can Changing the Choices Offered and/or Placement of Food for Students During School Days Result In a Healthier Behavior Change?

Weber-Dewitt, Darlene Adviser: Melby Title: Effect of a Novel Portion-Control Approach to Weight Loss, Subjective Perceptions of Weight Loss Satisfaction, Feelings of Deprivation, and Dietary Compliance

Covington, Ann Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Childhood Obesity Prevention through Improving Nutrition Educator Skills

Ganster, Susan Adviser: Bellows/Wdowik Title: Development of a Tookkit On the Mediterranean Diet

Haas, Jessica Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Plate Waste and Lunch Program Experience Among School Lunch Program Participants at Two High Schools

Visinisky, Jessica Adviser: Bellows/Wdowik Title: Categorization of Recipes On Disease State


Alperin, Jamie Adviser: Melby Title: Supplementing Pregnant and Lactating Women with Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Subsequent Cognitive Development in Their Children

Anderson, Stephanie Adviser: Bellows/Wdowik Title: Adapting a Weight Managment curriculum for use in the Community by Extension Educators

Jones, Tercera Adviser: Stone/Bunning Title: Quality Evaluation of Whole Wheat Crackers Fortified with Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Simons, Amanda Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Parent Involvement in the Efficacy of Childhood Obesity Treatment Programs: A Review of the Literature

Gilsdorf, Laura Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Energy Cooking School: A Proposed Intervention to Extend Program Energy into the Home Using Direct Parent Involvement in an After-School Cooking Program for Fifth-Grade Children

Bartusek, Sara Adviser: Baker Title: Evaluation of the Physical Activity Components of the Adult EFNEP Curriculum Eating Smart•Being Active

Bosley, Elizabeth Adviser: Anderson/Bellow Title: Developing a Parent Component for the Food Friends® Website

McArthur, Terry Adviser: Bellows/Wdowik Title: “Dining with Diabetes in Colorado” Reformulating to a Four Class Program

Falcone, Paul Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Role of Dietary Fatty Acids in Cardiac Myocyte Hypertrophy

Topham, Kate Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: A Food Educator’s Perspective: Under-Standing Students’ and Teachers’ Perceived Values of an Experiential Foods Curriculum Designed for Use in Elementary Schools

Brixius, Kasey Adviser: Anderson/Bellows Title: Analyzing Parent Survey Data Collected From Food Friends: Get Movin’ With Mighty Moves

Ferrel, Amelia Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo/Baker Title: Content Validation of the Cooking Matters for Kids Revised Course for Elementary School Children

Gay, Alana Adviser: Anderson/Bellows Title: Mighty Moves® Social Marketing Campaign: Product Expansion to Include an Interactive Multimedia Game Targeting Home Use

Kester, Andrew Adviser: Vanamala Title: Vitamin A Deficiency Prevention: What Works?

Moukaddam, Karim Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Assessing the Physical Activity Component of the Eating Smart•Being Active Curriculum for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

Bruntz, Devon Adviser: Stone Title: Creating Low-Sodium Seasoning Blends


Schafer, Francine Adviser: Auld/Wdowik Title: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Weight Management and Mindful Eating Program

Spaeth, Amanda Adviser: Anderson Title: Framework and Question Set Development: Formative Research Elements for the Food Friends ® Storybooks Development

Conway, Lisa Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Eating Smart•Being Active Curriculum for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

Fitzgerald, Carlynn Adviser: Harris Title: Docosahexaenoic Acid Consumption by Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children Participants

Schuller, Stephanie Adviser: Anderson Title: Creation of an Assessment Tool for Head Start and Preschool Teachers and Childcare Providers to Measure Program Impact of Food Friends® Get Movin’ With Mighty Moves™ at Increasing Gross Motor Proficiency in Preschoolers

Sifford, April Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Evaluation of an Under-graduate Community Nutrition Service-Learning Course

Vincent, Catherine Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Qualitative Investigation Of the Cooking with Kids Program: Focus Group Interviews with Fourth Grade Students, Teachers, and Food Educators

Edwards, Nicole Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: Traditional Herbal Remedies for the treatment Of Metabolic Syndrome and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Curcumin and Ginseng

Lea, Nancy Adviser: Auld/Wdowik Title: A Quantitative/Qualitative Evaluation of Healthy You: A Twelve-Week Weight Management and Mindful Eating Program

Lindau, Joel Adviser:Auld/Baker Title: Perspectives of Food Assistance Personnel on Utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) As a Community Food Securty Tool

Rey, Rachel Adviser: Anderson Title: Results and Recommendations of a Web-Based Nutrition Education Program for Parents of Elementary School Children

Silvernail, Sara Adviser: Anderson Title: Parental Perception on the Efficacy of a Physical Activity Program for Preschoolers: A Manuscript

Wiza, Becky Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Evaluation of the 2009 Cooking with Kids Teacher Surveys

Russell, Lannea Adviser: Auld Title: The Gardens on Spring Creek: “Garden of Eatin” Formative Partner Agency Assessment


Mann, Phillip Adviser: Thompson Title: Implications of Skeletal Muscle Citrate Synthase Activity and its Association with Physical Activity, Physical Fitness And Mammary Carcinogenesis Using a Wheel Running Rat Model

La Chey, Donna Adviser: Avens Title: Nutritional Qualities of IVA Xanthifolia (Nuttall) Fresenius (Marshelder) Seeds

Liao, Wan Ju Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Validation, Reliability And Results from a Measure To Assess Middle School Students’ Change in Nutrition and Physical Activity Factors

Morrison, Marion Adviser: Anderson Title: A Usability Study of the Enhanced Parents Section of the Integrated Nutrition Education Program Website

Thompson-Emslie, Shannon Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Evaluation of Content and Theory Adherence of the Maternal and Infant Lessons of the Eating Smart•Being Active Curriculum

Ellis, Flannery Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effect of C-Reactive Protein on Glucose Release In Primary Hepatocytes

Burdock, Lauren Adviser: Baker Title: Designing Marketing Materials for the Colorado Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s Participants

Hogan, Erin Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Increasing Participation in the School Lunch Program – A Grant Proposal Environmental and Traditional Social Marketing Approaches Reaching Teens Eat Smart

Biever, Emily Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Designing and Marketing Materials for Colorado’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s Agency Partners

Lafferty, Christen Adviser: Auld/Baker Title: Assessing Quality and Quantity of Meat and Dairy Foods from the Food Bank Of the Rockies

Erickson, Laurie Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: The Benefits of Yoga and Nutrition on Cardio-Vascular Disease Risk Factors: A Literature Review and Results from a Pilot Study

Keith, Kelly Adviser: Cunningham-Sabo Title: Development, Analysis and Recommendations for the Family Food Fast! Hands-on Cooking Experience

MacDonald, Michelle Adviser: Stone Title: Assessing Mothers’ Beliefs Choices, and Opinions Regarding Nutrition, Single-Serve Beverages, And Organic Milk Products

Reece, Megan Adviser: Anderson Title: “Senior Nutrition News”: Writing for Older Adults

Doyle, Kerry Adviser: Anderson Title: Nutrition Assessment, Analysis, and Recommendation for the City of Fort Collins Employee Well Days Program

Janney, Kristin Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Quantity and Quality of Fruit and Vegetable Distribution from Food Bank of the Rockies

Li, Jane Adviser: Anderson Title: Development of Fact Sheet For Newly Diagnosed Celiac Disease

Mrachek, Allyson Adviser: Anderson Title: Further Development and Evaluation of the Health-ful Menus and Recipes Website

Watson, Felicia Adviser: Stone Title: Gluten-Free Information And Baking Formulations

Ingham, Emmy Adviser: Anderson Title: Online Course Development of Nutrition Education for a Healthy Heart

Roach, Julie Adviser: Anderson Title: Evaluation of Early Childhood Educators Implementing a Physical Activity Program

Suchor, Lindsay Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Assessing the Quality of Grain Foods

Wicke, Stephanie Adviser: Anderson Title: “Small Changes Make a Big Difference” A Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program

Winn, Frankie Adviser: Baker/Miller Title: The Effect of Education And Ownership of Food Thermometers on Food Thermometer Usage Among Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Participants

Yeh, Sharon Adviser: Stone Title: Food Safety at Colorado Farmers’ Markets: Follow-Up Survey and Consumer Education Materials


Osborn, Kristen Adviser: Auld/Baker Title: Assessing the Internal Validity and Reliability Of Operation Frontline’s “Eating Right” Program Evaluation Survey

Allen, Jenna Adviser: Campfield Title: Energy Newsletters and Family Challenges: Improving Healthful Behaviors and Family Well-Ness through Child-to-Parent Communication in The Home

Brunning, Jennifer Adviser: Kendall Title: Assessing Consumer Opinions Regarding Fresh Produce Purchases and Production Methods

Laosiripornwattana, Ukrit Adviser: Stone Title: Listeria Monocytogenes Changes in Commercial Uncured Turkey Breast With Or Without Sodium Lactate And Sodium Diacetate

Lapakulchai, Suda Adviser: Stone Title: Use and Market Demand of Specialty Leafy Green Vegetables in Fort Collins, Colorado

Mulligan, Christopher Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effect of the use of Effort Perception in Inducing Self Selected High Intensity Exercise And Producing Weight Loss

Schiller, Kristin Adviser: Campfield Title: Science Enrichment Classes To Increase Health Awareness in Children

Walsh, Diana Adviser: Anderson Title: The First Phase in the Formative Evaluation of The Healthful Menus and Recipes Website

Macha, Therese Adviser: Adams/Allen Title: Omega Three Fatty Acids: A Treatment for Depressive Disorders

Curtis, Alison Adviser: Anderson Title: The Development and Evaluation of the Food Friends® Storybook

Ness, Megan Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Using Focus Group Results to inform the Development of a Nutrition Education Intervention for Low-Income Families with Toddlers

Kweller, Amy Adviser: Harris Title: Nutrient Concerns After Adjustable Gastric Banding

Jones, Katie Adviser: Auld Title: Factors Affecting Local Food Sales in Colorado

Hopkins, Christine Adviser: Horton Title: Post-prandial Thermogenesis in HIV Lipodystrophy

Lenhart, Jenna Adviser: Kendall Title: Consumer Opinions of Safety Labeling Statements on Ready-to-eat (RTE) Meat & Poultry Products to Minimize Risk of Listeria Monocytogenes

Munro, Alexandra Adviser: Campfield Title: Weight Loss Maintenance: A Discussion of Individualizing Care during Weight Loss

Skaff, Philip Adviser: Auld/Baker Title: Assessing the Validity of Operation Frontline’s “Eating Right” Program Evaluation Tool

Braithwaite, Diane Adviser: Kendall Title: Do Oats or Spelt Belong in Gluten-free Diet?

Natker, Elana Adviser: Baker/Auld Title: Formative Evaluation of New EFNEP Lessons and Materials: Ensuring the Eating Smart•Being Active Curriculum is theory-based


Brown, Janice Adviser: Avens Title: Consumer Attitudes & the Effectiveness of Hand Cleansers in the Home

McDermott, Michelle Adviser: Anderson Title: Literature Review: Variations in Clinical Practice Guidelines in The Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Rogers, Kathryn Adviser: Baker Title: Peer-Review of EFNEP Curricula Revised for the 2005 Dietary guidelines & MyPyramid

Stephenson, Schivonne Adviser: Anderson Title: Assessment of the Interobserver Reliability For the Tasting Party as A Tool to Measure Behavior Change among Head Start Preschoolers

Toombs, Emily Adviser: Anderson Title: Assessment of a 23-week Social Marketing Campaign to Increase Children’s Willingness To Try New Food & How it Influences Children’s Willingness to Try Commonly-rejected Foods Broccoli

McDermott (Buxton)Michelle Adviser: Anderson Title: Literature Review: Variations in Clinical Practice Guidelines In the Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Kemp, Jennifer Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: The Effects of Plant Root Exudates on Lipids & Insulin Action in Liver Cells

Malmstrom, Holly Adviser: Auld Title: Shopping Sustainably at The Supermarket: The Development of a Guided Tour Promoting Sustainability at Point-of-Purchase

Peterson, Farran Adviser: Pagliassotti Title: Effects of Unsaturated & Saturated Fatty Acids on Caspase Activity in Liver Cells


Maiya, Madhura Adviser: Auld Title: Cooking Class Follow-up

Brown, Kathryn Adviser: Adams Title: Dietary Acculturation Patterns Among Hispanic Populations in the United States

Drozd, Michele Adviser: Auld Title: Formative Evaluation of The Nutrition Book Bag Program

Strother, Tracy Adviser: Anderson Title: The Use of Facilitated Discussions as an Evaluation Technique

Savage, Andra Adviser: Auld Title: Development & Evaluation Of Educational Materials Promoting Local Colorado Foods

Gormley, Julie Adviser: Anderson Title: Development & Validation of a Pre-test/Post-test Survey for Evaluation of Self-CARE for a Healthy Heart

Inman, R. Kyle Adviser: Campfield Title: Obesity & Heart Prevention through Elementary School Science Education


Frerichs, Kate Adviser: Anderson Title: Survey Development & Validity Testing for the Nutrition Education Program La Cocina Saludable

DuChene, Kathy Adviser: Harris Title: Theory Based Interventions To Increase Fruit & Vegetable Intake in Adolescents

Kubal, Amy Adviser: Adams Title: Development of a Needs Assessment Survey to Assess the Nutrition Education Needs of Colorado’s Nurse Home Visitor Program’s Nurse Educators

Gulbranson, Jenny Adviser: Kendall Title: Interrelationships Among Exercise, Oxidative Stress, & Antioxidant Defense and the Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation on Exercise Performance

Jones, Kylie Adviser: Campfield Title: Management of Child & Adolescent Obesity


Ruiz, Collin Adviser: Harris Title: Behavioral Evidence For A Role Of Gustducin in Unami Taste

Van Fleet, Allison Adviser: Harris Title: The Relationships Between Dietary Glucose, Prebiotics and Probiotic L. Acidophilus on the Growth and Inhibition of Candida Albicans in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract

Montgomery, Heidi Adviser: Auld Title: Supermarket study: Whole Grains on our Supermarket Shelves

Zielinski, Michelle Adviser: Kendall Title: Food Safety at Colorado Farmers’ Markets: Response To Produce Sampling Guidelines And Consumer Education Materials

Heald, Elizabeth Adviser: Melby Title: Circulating Estradiol Levels Do Not Correlate With Ethnic Differences In Insulin Sensitivity Between Non-Obese Mexican-Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites

Kohls, Brook Adviser: Adams Title: Calcium Supplementation and Adolescent Body Composition


Johnson, Leanne Adviser: Harris Title: Nutrition-related Issues In College Health

Bae, Dong-lim Adviser: Stone Title: Applications & Evaluation Of DHA-enriched Foods

Bohart, Zachary Adviser: Allen Title: Dietary Linoleic, Linolenic, & Docosahexaenoic Acids DHA) & Accretion of Brain Phospholipid DHA in Rats during Gestation, Weaning, & Young Adulthood

Weber, Trina Adviser: Sampson Title: Calorie Restriction, Apoptosis & Cancer


Makovsky, Arinn Adviser: Harris Title: Body-mass Index as a Predictor of Length of Hospital Stay in Elderly Patients

Jepsen, Jennifer Adviser: Auld Title: The Dietary Intake of Female Collegiate Athletes: A Comparison at Home and on the Road

Withrow-McDonald Adviser: Anderson Title: Determining the Differences between a 6- and 12-session nutrition Education Program


Hudson, Beth A. Adviser: Stone Title: Fructooligosaccharides: Potential Benefits and Food Applications

Schmidt, Amy J. Adviser: Anderson Title: Development and Qualitative Assessment of Point of Purchase Materials Supporting Colorado Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Harmon, Thomas J. Adviser: Kendall Title: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Safefood Listserv and Web Site


Mahoney, Carol L. Adviser: Kendall/Taylor-Davis Title: The Impact of Videotape Education in Food Stamp Offices

Cohen, Melissa J. Adviser: B. Smith Title: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Finnestead, Barbara Adviser: Melby Title: Exercise Versus Body Mass Index as Predictors of CVD Risk Factors in African-American Women

Rice, Jeanne F. Adviser: Stone Title: Foodservice Development and Evaluation For a Pilot Study

Wullschleger, Ann Adviser: Stone/Melby Title: Recommendations For a Clinical Feeding Study Using a High Protein Menu

Durham, Jeanette Adviser: Harris Title: Protein and Carbohydrate Administered Pre-Exercise


Morales, Sarah Adviser: Kendall Title: Using Focus Groups to Explore the Nutrition Education Needs and Interests of Pregnant and Parenting Teenagers

Harris, Lisa Adviser: Harris Title: The Effect of Riboflavin Deprivation on Cataract Development

Duncan (Albright), Susan N. Adviser: Stone Title: Sensory Evaluation of Baked Products Containing Olestra or Traditional Fat

Koike, Naoko Adviser: Lorenz Title: Colorado Grown White Wheats in Steamed Bread

Hart, Heather Adviser: Kendall Title: Evaluation of a Pilot Food Safety Training Program for Beef Demonstrators

Owen, Darcy Adviser: Kendall Title: Development and Evaluation of Activity-Oriented Nutrition Classes For Pregnant and Parenting Teens


Woodard, Jennifer Adviser: Anderson Title: The Long-Term Effectiveness of the Healthy Heart Program in Logan County, Colorado

Storch, Susan Adviser: Smith, B. Title: Nutrition and Its Implications For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sinderson, Pamela G. Adviser: Stone Title: Development of a HACCP Program for Selected Baked Goods

Ferriola, Diana Adviser: Stone Title: Evaluation of Millet in Breakfast Cereal Production

Wenzel, Laurie E. Adviser: Anderson Title: Evaluation of the Dine to Your Heart=s Delight Program

Delans, Heather G. Adviser: Stone Title: Blood Lipid Profiles in Older Adults as Affected by Diet

O’Neill, Caitlin G. Adviser: Stone Title: Recommendations for a Clinical Feeding Study Based on a Pilot Study

Evans, Carol A. Adviser: Bechtel/B. Smith Title: Phytochemicals and the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Ball, Julie Anne Adviser: Kendall, P. Title: Follow-up Evaluation of the Safety and Food Excellence (S.A.F.E.) Program


Palmeria, Denise J. Adviser: Auld Nutrition Education Needs Professionals, Paraprofessionals, Low-Income Hispanics in Colorado’s San Luis Valley

Philips, Nidu G. Adviser: Auld Impact of Nutrition Education on the Attitudes and Knowledge of Elementary School Children

Buzick, Bonnie T. Adviser: Auld Involving Parents in School-Based Nutrition Education

Nagai, Lisa L. Adviser: Anderson The Process of Newsletter Development For Older Adults

Sha, Xiaoming Adviser: Allen Regulation of Fat Cell Gene Expression by a Novel Antidiabetic Drug--Piogli-tazone

Betlack, Anne C. Adviser: Auld Hispanic Adolescent and Adult Views on Nutrition and Physical Activity

Henderson, Sharon L. Adviser: Auld Parent and Teacher Perspec-tives on Integrating Nutrition Into an Elementary School Curriculum

Beckstrom, Leslie A. Adviser: Anderson The Revision and Teacher Evaluation of Smart-Start For A Healthy Heart Curriculum

Stapleton, Marilyn Adviser: Harris/Melby Body Weight Changes and Hydration Practices of Runners Participating in a Marathon and Half-Marathon Race


Kim, Sandra J. Adviser: Stone/Maga Title: Feasibility and Nutritional Benefits of an Extruded Squash and Pinto Bean Snack

Liu, Hong Adviser: Eckle/Bechtel/Hossner Title: The Application of Immunoprecipitation to the Study of Lipoprotein Lipase in Rat Adipose Tissue

Hritz, Tracy D. Adviser: Anderson, J. Title: A Comparison Between Written and Audio Taped Nutrition Education in Exercise Enthusiasts

Kalonick, Mary A. Adviser: Gloeckner, J. Title: Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors of Parents With Elementary School Age Children

Wong, Ngai H. Adviser: Maga, J. Title: The Effects of Fat on the Quality of Ground Beef Patties

Huang, Ching-Hsu Adviser: Smith, K. Title: Complaint Management: Customers' Attributions of Control and Stability for Service Discomfirmation in Restaurants

Cohen, Esther F. Adviser: Bechtel, P. Title: The Effect of Sustained High Carbohydrate Diet on VO2 Max and RMR in Trained Runners and Cyclists

Hsieh, Cho-hua Adviser: Gloeckner, J. Title: Customer Loyalty to Restaurant

Heite, Kera E. Adviser: Kendall, P. Title: The Development of a Culturally and Physiologically Acceptable Food Group Guide for the Hispanic Population

Hsu, Jui-Fang Adviser: Gregory, S. Title: Competency Requirements for Entry-Level Managers in Taiwan's Hotel Industry

Peck, Holly Adviser: Auld, G. Title: Athletes' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behaviors Related to Fat

Lamman, Anne M. Adviser: Kendall, P. Title: Lactose Intolerance Among Colorado EFNEP Participants

Dimond, Nancy Adviser: Auld, G. Title: Consistency and Variance of Responses Across Multiple Nutrition Education Evaluation Methods


Fulton, Carol Diane Adviser: Auld, G. Title: Increasing Whole and Staple Food Use Among Low-Income Women

Hendrickson-Nelson, Adviser: Mary Harris, M. Title: Malnutrition and Falls

Whisenant, Sheryl L. Adviser: Smith, B. Title: Eating Disorders: Nutrition Therapy and Needs Assessment

Liedtke, Nancy J. Adviser: Kendall Title: Food Safety Survey of 7th Grade Home Economics, Science and Health Teachers: For the Development of a CSU Cooperative Extension Project "Creating Informed Citizens for Tomorrow's Food Safety Decisions"

Marler, Lara P. Adviser: Kendall Title: Consumer Attitudes About Food Produced With Biotechnology

Fiechtner, Cynthia Adviser: Anderson Title: Production and Evaluation of a Training Video for Cooks and Chefs in the "Dine to Your Heart's Delight" Program


Zimmerman, Lynda A. Adviser: Kendall Title: Consumer Knowledge and Concern About Biotechnology and Food Safety

Endo, Yasko Chanoki Adviser: Kendall Title: The PRUCAL Computerized Dietary Analysis Program as a Nutrition Education Tool in a Health Fair Setting

Lazzaro, Ellen Adviser: Anderson Title: The Attitudes and Practices Toward Breast-Feeding Among Medical Professionals in Larimer County

Lenczycki, Kristine M. Adviser: Anderson Title: Validation of a Repertory Food Grid with a Diabetic Population

Lin, Guey-Pyng Adviser: Stone Title: Attitudes Among American & Taiwanese Consumers in Fort Collins, Colorado, Toward Microwave Oven Use And Safety Issues

Schiltz, Catherine M. Adviser: Anderson/Auld Title: Young Women's Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Related to Osteoporosis


Giehl, Nancy Adviser: Anderson Title: Nutrient Intakes of Southeast Asian Children; a Retrospective Study

Hapgood, Mary Adviser: Kendall Title: Addressing Food Safety Concerns Through the Cooperative Extension System

Kreutle, Sylvia C. Adviser: Harris Title: Vitamin E Supplementation as a Potential Inhibitor of Exercise-Induced Free Radical Damage

Perkins, Sandra Adviser: Anderson Title: Production and Evaluation of a Training Video Tape for the "Dine to Your Heart's Delight" Program


Buchanan, Barbara C. Adviser: Kendall Title: Evaluation of USDA Dietary Analysis Program in Four Extension Audience Settings

Cornebise, Tanya R. Adviser: Anderson Title: An Evaluation of the "Dine to Your Heart's Delight" Program at Hewlett Packard

Kassim, Nehla Abdul-Majeed Adviser: Grundleger Title: The Effect of Fiber Supplementation on the Activity of Liver Enzymes in the Rat

Wiley, Carole A. Adviser: Harris Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Health Heart Program VS. Self-Care in a Wellness Program


Bush, Emily Jane Adviser: Anderson Title: A Nutrition Education Program Focusing on Fat and Sodium for an Asian Population

Butler, Laura Lynn Adviser: Kendall Title: The Effect of Income and Acculturation Score on Food Consumption Patterns in Elderly Mexican Americans

Cho, Yunhi Cho Adviser: Grundleger Title: Insulin Effect on Prostacyclin Synthesis in Stripped Soleus Muscle of Rat as Affected by Dietary Copper


Bradford, Teresa D. Adviser: Mathias Title: Omega-3 Fatty Acid Effects on Performance and the Urinary Excretion of Prostanoids

Cavooris, Elizabeth A. Adviser: Smith Title: The Relationship of Diet and Exercise to Symptoms of the Premenstrual Syndrome

Davis, Donna A. Adviser: Smith Title: Prenatal Dietary Factors and Childhood Activity

Dean, Tina Adviser: Anderson Title: Developing a Marketing Plan for University Nutrition Education Services

Heiss, Cindy Adviser: Lopez Title: Education Training of Registered Dietitians as Related to Educational Tasks Performed on the Job

Kremer, Alice Adviser: Grundleger Title: The Effect of Activated Charcoal on Serum Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Lipoproteins and Coronary Risk in Hyperlipidemic Subjects

McCrea, Lisa L. Adviser: Harris/Anderson Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Healthy Heart Program in Business Settings

Orr, Cathleen D. Adviser: Kendall Title: An Instrument for Evaluating Motivation Potential of Print Nutrition Education Materials

Sieczkowski-Flores, Victoria Adviser: Anderson Title: The Development and Use of A Food Frequency Questionnaire

Smith, Julie Lynn Lopez Title: Utilization of Theory and Its Relation to Intervention Effec-tiveness in Nutrition Education Research


Berce, Michelle E. Adviser: Lopez Title: The Nutritional Practices of Food Stamp and Non-food Stamp Participants on the Colorado Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

Day, Marilyn Adviser: Lopez Title: Effect of the Healthy Heart Program on Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in Federal Employees

Rudy, Carolyn Adviser: Kendall Title: Nutrition Education in Selected Colorado High Schools: A Critical Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitudes and Curriculum

Wang, Susan Adviser: Harris Title: The Effect of Supple-menting Oatmeal with Sugar or Protein and Fat on the Glycemic Response in Insulin-Dependent Children

Wood, Laura Anne Adviser: Harris Title: Influence of Dietary Lipids in Preterm Labor: A Case Controlled Study


Chaparalla, Gopinath Adviser: Maga Title: Low Temperature Extrusion of pH Modified Potato Starch

Ledder, Dru J. Adviser: Kendall Title: Nutritional Quality of the Diets of Children Attending Day Care Homes Participating in the Child Care Food Program Versus Those Not in Day Care

Morgan, Shirley E. Adviser: Grundleger Title: The Effects of Diet on "Jet-Lag" in Airline Crews on Trans-Meridian Flights

Webber, Pamela S. Adviser: Kendall Title: Characteristics Affecting Dietary and Exercise Adherence in Cardiovas¬cular Rehabilitation Patients


Diemand, Elizabeth M. Adviser: Kendall Title: Evaluation of a Computerized Nutrient Approach to Nutrition Education for Consumers

Hillman, Kathryn D. Adviser: Jansen Title: Nutrition Education in the Seventh Grade Using the Microcom¬puter

LaCorte, Michelle Adviser: Lopez Title: Knowledge of Calcium and Intake in Women

Lauritzen, Lisa Adviser: Mathias Title: The Effects of Age on Diet-Induced Thermo-genesis Measured by Skin Temperature Changes

Lee, Susan J. Adviser: Jansen Title: Interests of Nutritionists as Related to Year of College Graduation

Tanczyn, Dorothy Adviser: Smith Title: Nurses Employed on Day Shift Versus Night Shift Schedule: Impact on Their Eating, Sleeping, and Activity Habits

Wells, Susan Adviser: Kendall/Lee Title: Factors Influencing the Duration of Breastfeeding in Five Colorado WIC Clinics


DeFrees, Elaine Adviser: Mathias Title: Gastroplasty for Morbid Obesity Analysis of Weight Loss and Factors Associated with Success

Helpenstell, Jill Adviser: Smith Title: Dietary Intake and Life Satis¬faction in the Elderly

MacDonald, Pam Adviser: Smith Title: Evaluation of Locus of Control as a Predictor of Success and Analysis of Dietary Intake in a Weight Management Class

Nielsen, Jackie Adviser: Smith Title: Vitamin and/or Mineral Supplement Usage and need Among Preschool Children

Wilkins, Kim Adviser: Mathias Title: The Nutrient Intakes and Dietary Habits of Vegetarian Children

Zelinski, Patricia Adviser: Jansen Title: Use of the Hydrogen Breath Test to Measure Small Intestine Transit Time of Formulated Enteral Nutrition Products

Allison, Anne Sidney Adviser: Lee Title: Dietary and Health Practices, Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of a Selected Macrobiotic Population

Preuss-Hallihan, Diane Title: Evaluation of "Eating and Your Heart" Workshop

Rassouli, Feri Adviser:Jansen Title: Zinc and Tryptophan Rela¬tionship

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Wiley, Jeanine M. Adviser: Lee Title: Incidence of Recovery from Iron Deficiency Anemia in Colorado Migrant Children (1981-1982)


Frank, Christine K. Adviser: Lee Title: Evaluation of One Method of Nutrition Educa¬tion for Pregnant Adolescents

Leary, M. Christine Adviser: Blaker Title: Acceptance Frequency and Food Prefer¬ence of Menu Items by University Students

McLean, Melanie A. Adviser: Smith Title: Correlations Between Infant Feeding Position and the Occurence of Middle Ear Infection

Miller, Ann Denise Adviser: Mathias Title: Prostaglandin Production and Lipolysis in Rat Adipo¬cytes as Affected by Dietary Fat

Russo, Mary Ann Adviser: Lee Title: Evaluation of the Larimer County WIC Nutri¬tion Education Program

Sullivan, Mary Margaret Adviser: Harrill Title: Energy and Nutrient Intake of Users and Non-Users of Nutrient Supplements

Vogt, Denise Joy Adviser: Lee Title: Effect of the Larimer County WIC Program on Anemia in Children


Chadez-Hartley, Susan Marie Adviser: Smith Title: Dietary Intake and Energy Expenditure of Elite Long Distance Runners

Corey, Ellen R. Adviser: Brown Title: Development of Nutritional Materials for Cancer Patients

DeWilde, Joyce Adviser: Lee Title: Nutrition Knowledge of WIC Par¬ticipants and Their Use of the WIC Supplemental Foods

Hageman, Ann C. Adviser: Harrill Title:Validation of the 24-hour Dietary Recall Instrument for use with NutriFit

Keller, Nancy L. Adviser: Mathias Title:The Effect of Diet on Blood Lipids in Exer-cising Males

Maeda, Desiree C. Adviser: Brown Title: Development of a Slide/Tape Program for Nutri-Fit Computer Printout

Moy, Quincy Kwan Adviser: Harrill Title: Food Habit Changes and Nutrient Intake by Chinese Students from Hong Kong and Taiwan in Fort Collins, Colorado

Siblerud, Robert L. Adviser: Allen/Harrill Title: Myopia: Some Causative Factors and Its Relationship to Nutrition


Cox, Karen Russell Adviser: Brown Title: Nutrition Education: Dietary Guide- lines for Americans

Gabel, Kathe A. Adviser: Blaker Title: Assessment of Job Oppor-tunities and Character-istics of Colorado ADA Active Members

Kim, Jin Moon Adviser: Lorenz Title: Enzymatic Activities in Wild Rice (Zizania aquatica)

Kurlandsky, Sara Adviser: Mathias Title: Capillary, Basement Membrane Thickness in Glucose Intolerant Yucatan Miniature Swine

Stoddard, Kim Adviser: Lee Title: Selected Factors Involved in the Success of a Weight Reduction Clinic

Van Every, Scott T. Adviser: Blaker Title: Nursing Home Residents Attitude Study

Weiner, Joan Bonsal Adviser: Brown Title: Development and Testing of Nutrition Education Materials for Title III Partici¬pants

Whitney, Louise D. Adviser: Lee Title: Nutrition Education for WIC Nutrition Aides and Clerks

Yamauchi, Carol Ann Adviser: Harrill Title: Energy and Nutrient Intakes of Physi¬cally Handicapped College Students


Argeanas, Tasia Adviser: Harrill Title: Nutrient Intake of Lactating Women Partici-pating in the Colorado WIC Program

Hargleroad, Margaret Adviser: Lee Title: Pregnant Women's Attitudes Toward Prenatal Weight Gain

Thor, Evelyn Payne Adviser: Lee Title: Nutrition Attitudes, Knowledge and Practices of Mothers of Four to Six Year Old Children as Related to Their Employment Status

Wille, Grace Maria Adviser: Jansen Title: Infant Feeding Practices Among Ferreira de Castroand Foreign American Students at CSU


Bourdon, Carol L. Adviser: Lee Title: An Evaluation of the Larimer County WIC Program

Henz, Karen Adviser: Blaker Title: Computer-Assisted Work Sampling in a Small Hospital Food Service

Shirazi, Hassan Razavi Adviser: Maga Title: Effects of Aging on Amino Acid Composition of Meat

Sills, Rosemarie Adviser: Smith Title: Feingold's "Salicylate-Free" Diet as a Treatment of Hyperactivity

Stalker, Andrea F.B. Adviser: Smith Title: Food Knowledge and Practices of Vegetarian Families

Webb, Virginia Susan Adviser: Blaker Title: A Study of Preferred Productivity Measure¬ment and Comparison of Staffing Patterns in Four Hospital Dietary Departments


Anderson, Jennifer E. Adviser: Harrill Title: Energy and Nutrient Content of Food Served in Nursing Homes as Evaluated by the Nutrient Standard Method

Bollinger, Patricia Casey Adviser: Harrill Title: Nutrient Intake of Vietnamese Women Relocated in Colorado

Eden, William Anthony Adviser: Smith Title: Role Functions of Nutrition Students on a Rural Migrant Health Care Team

Fritz, Elaine M. Adviser: Harrill Title: The Relationship Between Dietary Calcium and Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio and Peri¬odontal Disease in the Elderly

Gloeckner, Janet W. Adviser: Harrill Title: The Assessment of Nutritional Adequacy of Modified Diets Consumed by Nursing Home Residents with Diabetes Mellitus

Janonis, Catherine Cole Adviser: Harrill Title: The Contribution of Meals Supplied by A Meals-on-Wheels Program to the Nutrient Intake of Some Elderly Recipients

Johnson, Sonja Ann Adviser: Smith Title: The Use of Behavior Modification Techniques in Weight Control

Konishi, Colleen Dee Adviser: Harrill Title: Food Intake of Elderly Issei Women in a Nursing Home

Mackin, Susan D. Adviser: Harrill Title: Evaluation of Nutrition Education at a Title VII Meal Site

Singleton, Allison K. Adviser: Lee Title: A Survey of Milk Feeding Practices for a Group of One Through Six Month Old Infants

Wolf, Linda Jean Adviser: Lee Title: Nutrient Intake by Elderly Female Partici-pants and Non-participants of a Meals-on-Wheels Program


Chan, Ki Ping Adviser: Lee Title: Vegetarianism

Kerlin, Judyth Beverly Adviser: Mathias Title: Title not available

McCool, Susan S. Adviser: Smith Title: Determining the Apparent Viscosity of Home Prepared Baby Foods

Postlewaite, Betty Jo Adviser: Lee Title: Crude Fiber Intakes of Adults

Shahidi, Nooshin Adviser: Jansen Title: The Role of Nutrition as a Factor in Economic Develop¬ment of Less-Developed Countries

Ward, Barbara Ann Adviser: Harrill Title: Factors Which Affect Food Intake of Children


Barthrop, Jean Margaret Adviser: Lee Title: Comparison of Activity Levels and Calorie Intake of a Group of College Women

Brackett, Sandra Ostby Adviser: Harrill Title: The Thiamin Status of Selected Children Attending Preschool

Dengler, Denette Adviser: Harrill Title: Intake and Excretion of Riboflavin by Pre¬school Children

Haas, Kathryn Ann Adviser: Lee Title: An Investigation of Renal Dialysis Patients Knowledge of and Adherence to Dietary Restrictions

Hamilton, Susan Adviser: Harrill Title: Riboflavin Nutriture in Preschool Children

Hughes, Sharon L. Adviser: Harrill Title: Survey of Usage and Knowledge of Nutrition Labeling

Ingram, Rosemary Adviser: Harrill Title: Nutritional Knowledge of Nurses

Jung, Debi Lisa Adviser: Lee Title: Food Habits and Other Factors Associated with Obesity

Nashnush, Fathi M. Adviser: Maga Title: In-vitro Digestibiltiy of Cereal Grain Milling Fractions

Thornton, Carolyn Adviser: Smith Title: Dietary Zinc Intake in a Group of Preschool Children

Velez, Norma Adviser: Harrill Title: Thiamin Nutriture of Preschool Children One to Three Years of Age Enrolled at a Private Day Care Facility


Bel-haj, Hashmy Adviser: Maga Title: Capsaicin--Isomeric Nature of Commercial Products

Burrows, Elizabeth R. Adviser: Harrill Title: The Mineral Intake of Selected Infants in the First Year of Life

Davis, Verna E. Adviser: Blaker Title: The Dognatism Test: A Predictor of Teaching Methods for Dietetic Students

Heyl, Kathryn Sue Adviser: Lee Title: The Therapeutic Use of High and Low Fiber Diets

Lockett, Alice F. Adviser: Lee Title: Lactose Intolerance in Children

Smith, Mary Louise Adviser: Jansen Title: A Comparison of Usage of Legumes Between Two Ethnic Low Income Popula¬tions in Denver, Colorado

Sowada, Barbara J. Adviser: Smith Title: The Attitudes of High School Athletes Toward the Role of Nutrition in Athletic Performance

Trainor, Sister Jean Ann Adviser: Blaker Title: The Role of the Dietitian in Community Programs

Wilson, Floristene Adviser: Harrill Title: Food Intake and Dental Caries in Children


Craig, Ava M. Title: Title not available

Dunn, Vicki Adviser: Mathias Title: Comparison of a High-Fat Re¬stricted Diet to a Normal Re¬stricted Diet

Edwards, Marilyn Adviser: Mathias Title: An Assessment of the Nutritional Adequacy of MS diets with Special Emphasis on PUFA: SFA

Gill, Catherine M. Title: Current Use of Health Foods

Hollingshead, Dara Elaine Adviser: Harrill Title: A Survey of Weight Watchers Members

Jansen, Coerene Adviser: Harrill Title: Evaluation of Nutrition Knowledge of Ninth Grade Students

Kemp, Mary Ellen Title: Nutritional Evaluation of a Lunch Program in a Day Care Center

Schwartz, Cheryl A. Title: Cultural Influence on Nutrient Intake of Jewish Women Nursing Home Residents (Special Study)

Seiber, Julianne Car Adviser: Lee Title: Title not available

Seluk, Barbara Title: Incidence of Health Foods Use and Vitamin Use Among the Elderly


Fiegen, Kathleen N. Adviser: Lee Title: Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus: The functions of a Parents' Group

Frye, Sherrie Adviser: Harrill Title: Nutrient Intake During Pregnancy

Kelley, Jana Adviser: Blaker Title: Work Sampling in a University Food-service

Lechowich, Karen A. Adviser: Blaker Title: The Use of Video Tape Recording in a Foodservice Training Program

Sargent, Marilyn K. Adviser: Jansen Title: The Interaction of Dietetics and Nutrition with Preventive Dentistry

Swanson, Marleen L. Adviser: Harrill Title: An Instructional Guide for the Dietitian on Fluid and Electrolyte Management in the Chronic Renal Failure Patient


Anderson, Joan Ruth Title not available

Johnson, Janet Helen Carlson Title: Title not available

Peterson, Judy Ann Christensen Title: Title not available

Winger, Ming Title: Changes of Food Habits of Students From Taiwan in the U.S.A.